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Hydro Tree Irrigation Rings


The Hydro Tree Irrigation system is a cost effective and simple solution to minimise stress caused by drought especially in Urban landscape environments.

Because The Hydro Tree Ring Irrigation System is designed to deliver water quickly and easily, direct to where it is needed most, at the root system. The result is a considerable reduction in water wastage due to no run-off  and a considerable reduction on labour costs


Easy to install at planting stage the perforated pipe will deliver sufficient water to the roots as the plant grows. Designed in a ring shape, the kit is laid as a circle around the root ball ensuring a uniform delivery of water to the entire circumference of the root system as it develops.

Supplied  with a filler pipe and plastic drain grill at the top to minimise blockages by debris, the filler pipe can be fitted to suit any depth of planting site.

By means of a hose or watering can, simply deliver the water through the filler pipe until full.

The water will then soak slowly into the surrounding soil for easy access for the root system.

Available in 3 sizes:

68 HYDRO: 3metre length , Diameter  895mm. Tree height 3-5metre. Stem circumference 16-25cm

88 HYDRO: 5metre length,  Diameter 1530mm. Tree height 5-7metre. Stem Circumference 25-45cm

MR HYDRO: 8metre length, Diameter 2400mm. Tree height 7metre+. Stem Circumference 45cm+


  • Newly planted trees

  • Planters and containers

  • Roof gardens


  • Quicker establishment for newly planted trees

  • Eliminates drought

  • Cost effective

  • Water saving

  • Labour saving

  • Easy to install

  • Quick and easy to use

  • Long product life

  • 100% of the water available for the plants

  • No runoff or evaporation

  • Limits the frequency of watering.

  • Saves water.

  • More efficient watering: better plant recovery.

  • Reduces water stress

  • Save watering time.

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