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Dall’O Gravier Excel – Heavy Duty Gravel Stabilization Grids


Made from white HDPE,

Dall’O Gravier eXcel honeycomb slabs offer gravel a stable and solid structure, promoting soil stabilization while being 100% permeable to water. PLANTCOPROTEC® Dall’O Gravier eXcel can be used for the surfacing of access roads, car parks, driveways, terraces, and all other applications requiring gravel.

The Dall’O Gravier Excel gravel grids measure 1m x 1m and consist of four 50x50cm pre-assembled tiles clipped together.

The cells are circular, 52mm in diameter, 25mm high and 28mm apart.

Each 1m x 1m grid is fitted with 16 no. 10mm holes for optional ground fixing.

The Dall’O Gravier Excel gravel grids are very simple to install and provide a load resistance of 400T per square meter.

Recommended for chipping or pebble size of 14mm but can accommodate any size up to a maximum of 18mm



  • Driveways

  • Pathways

  • Pedestrian areas

  • Suitable for cars, cyclists, wheelchairs, pushchairs, vans and trucks


  •  HDPE construction, very strong product.

  • Heavy duty; load resistance of 400 ton per square meter

  • Fully water permeable

  • The 6mm mesh construction allows water and fines to pass easily through

  • Quick and easy to install

  • Simple to cut to size and easy to lay out

  • 16 ground fixing points per square meter

  • 12 junction clips per linear meter to easily and securely join grids together

  • The large 52mm circular cells enables the use of larger gravel and chipping sizes up to 18mm

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