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Tree Guying System DTS


The DTS Tree Guying System incorporating Duckbill Earth Anchors are a highly effective method of stabilising trees after planting.

The kit is supplied in two halves. The top half incorporates an adjustable collar to affix around the tree trunk which is connected to three galvanised cables which terminate in turnbuckles. The lower half of the kit comprises of 3 Duckbill anchors affixed to three galvanised cables.

The three Duckbill anchors are driven into the ground at equal distances around the tree ( see guide to fixation attached) the three cables are then joined to the upper cables and turnbuckles by means of the supplied Maxtensor cable joiner/tensioners. The system can then be tightened and adjusted by the three supplied turnbuckles.

With no requirement for holes, no digging, and with minimal soil disturbance the DTS Guying system creates a safe and environmentally sensitive installation.

With an upward pull, the anchor tendon rotates the Duckbill into a perpendicular “anchor lock” position in undisturbed soil, resulting in superior holding capacities. Operating like a toggle bolt, Duckbill anchor systems will save valuable time and labour while offering the most effective, lightweight, and economical solutions to any anchoring application, large or small.

The system comprises of:

1x adjustable trunk collar

3x Galvanised cables affixed to Duckbill anchors

3x Galvanised cables affixed to Turnbuckles

3x Duckbill anchors

3x turnbuckles

3 Maxtensor cable joiner/tensioners

Available in a range of sizes to suit almost any tree type see attached chart to select the correct size.

68DTS kit.jpg
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