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Tree Watering Bags


The perfect solution for the slow release of water for newly planted trees.  The WaterBag is used by placing it around the base of the trunk of a newly planted tree.  The two sided simply zip together and the bag is filled through the top.  The WaterBag will slowly release the water and penetrate the soil, reducing the frequency of watering to every 3-5 days in the first 2 years of planting.

With the correct scheduling one bag can be used for multiple trees over multiple growing seasons.

We recommend removing the bags during the winter period when not in use.


  • Newly planted trees

  • Trees over 8-10cm girth

  • Use for first 2 years after planting.


  • 100% of the water absorbed into the soil.

  •  100% rechargeable.

  • No runoff or evaporation.

  • Deep water saturation encourages root development.

  • 1 or 2 fills per week (depending on requirements)

  • Saves water.

  • Reduces water stress

  • Quick and easy to install.


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