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Dall'o Gazon Heavy Duty Grass Stabilization Grid


Made from strong UV treated plastic and with a load capacity of 400 ton per square meter, these grids are designed to facilitate heavy loads in areas where grass growth is still necessary. Dall’o Gazon Stabilization Grids provide an enduring solution that allows grass to grow normally whilst at the same time facilitating the movement of heavy vehicles over the area without compaction or sinking.

With more attention focused on environmental  concerns, rainwater management and rainwater run off are becoming pivotal to the planning process. One of the principles of SUDS is to allow water to soak into the ground naturally where possible. The use of Grass stabilization grids such as Dall’o Gazon meets this requirement by allocating more of the development area to grass rather than traditional hard surfaces such as concrete, tarmac or paving.



  • Pedestrian pathways

  • Car parks, Roads and Access roads

  • Emergency  services including fire trucks and busses

  • Embankments on roads and motorways and also river banks


  • Black in colour

  • 1 square meter cover per grid

  • 400 ton per square meter load capacity

  • Aerated cells allowing free root development

  • Prevents soil compaction

  • Simple and quick to install;  apx 30sqm / man / hour

  • 24 joining clips per sheet

  • 100% permeable

  • Reduces run off

  • 100% recycled plastic, UV treated

  • Flexible to adapt to terrain

  • Reduces reflective heat

Cut Through showing grid and grass and car.png
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