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Corten Steel Edging


Probably the most distinctive material used in the production of edging today. The eye-catching colour of Corten steel is unique in every setting.

Rich yet understated, our Corten Steel Garden Edging will add a totally unique and stylish finish to your garden with minimal maintenance.

Extremely strong and hard wearing, this type of edging is suitable for all garden and amenity projects.

Use for edging lawns and flower beds, for creating raised beds, formation of roads, pathways and steps, or as an alternative to concrete kerbing on roads, driveways and car parks.

What is Corten Steel?  

Corten Steel is a much a sought after material by architects, artists and designers for its beautiful natural and rustic appearance that can exhibit totally different in every setting.

Corten steel, known also as Cor-Ten or Weathering Steel is used in everything from outdoor sculptures to fully engineered buildings and machinery.

The science behind this apparently ‘rusty’ steel is as complicated as it is fascinating. The chemical composition of Corten steel, allows it to exhibit increased resistance to atmospheric corrosion compared to other steels. This is because the steel forms a protective layer on its surface under the influence of the weather. 

The layer protecting the surface develops and regenerates continuously when subjected to the elements of the weather, in other words the steel is allowed to rust in a controlled way in order to form a protective layer upon itself.

This weathering process can take up to a year to fully form. During this time there may be  some run-off which can stain nearby concrete or stone.

It is important to protect these neighbouring surfaces while the weathering process is happening, once the protective surface has fully formed, there will be no further risk of staining.

Our Corten Steel is available in a number of different height options from 100mm to 300mm, please see the table below.

Height        Thickness        Length

100mm         3mm                3m

120mm         3mm                3m

150mm         3mm                3m

200mm         3mm                3m

250mm         3mm                3m

300mm         3mm                3m


Each 3.0m length is supplied with 1 double coupler and 2 fixing pegs, additional fixings are available on request.

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