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Green walls are the perfect fusion between architecture and landscape architecture

GreenWall Wire Trellis Systems

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Greening the city can be done in many ways, both horizontally and vertically – only the imagination sets the limit. Besides saving some of the horizontal meters – high in demand as they are – here are the benefits of adding some vertical greenery to your city.

Adding green walls can add a fresh and aesthetic living scenery which improve the well-being of citizens and greatly enhance the value of a building structure. Whether you want to bring new life to an existing building, disguise a plain wall façade, or create a new exciting view from your balcony, here are some ways in which a green wall gives you many positive benefits:

brick wall with trellis.jpg


Green walls add a beautiful living element which changes through seasons and enhances all the human senses. It adds a colourful play in the foliage, vegetation, and flowers, reflects the sunlight and creates a dynamic play between light and shadow throughout the day. It’s a 3-dimensional living piece of art to cover an otherwise monotonous façade. Only the imagination is the limit, as there are endless ways to make a beautiful green wall.

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‍Introducing greenery to any space, will add a recreational atmosphere. Seeing and being near green environments feels relaxing to people and enhances their mental and physical well-being. A green wall helps to reduce loud noises from traffic, as it absorbs up to 40% more sound than a hard surface. It results in a reduction up to 8 dB and enables you to enjoy the more natural sounds like the singing birds that will thrive in the added vegetation, rather than loud traffic noise.


‍A green wall can reduce energy costs by up to 30%, as it acts as insulation in the winter, and keeps the building cooler in the summer by creating a (green)screen from the sunshine. Making a greener workplace by adding a green wall inside also increases work productivity, as having something green gives more satisfaction and motivation. Adding green walls to a building greatly improves its property value with at least 15% increases per year. Last but not least, it protects the exterior of a building from damages and makes it more fireproof.

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‍Adding greenness enhances biodiversity and improves the green infrastructure and overall conditions for animal life. Via the green wall animals can reach a green roof or move between buildings and into an urban park – something that makes it easier for less mobile insects or animals that cannot fly. It is also suitable for birds that love to hide in a dense vegetation cover  And birds would love to hide in a dense vegetation cover, so in order to they feel secure from danger. This way a green wall can help keep the local ecosystem in balance.  



‍There are many benefits in this area such as CO2 and rainwater uptake, regulating the temperature, and purifying the air. A green wall stores carbon and produces oxygen. Plants absorb 50% of the sunlight and reflect 30%, so this remarkably helps to cool the local climate and mitigates the negative impacts from urban-heat-island effect, which means that big cities are 3 degrees warmer than their surroundings.


In terms of air purifying a green wall has the ability to take up life-threatening particulate matters which causes significant respiratory problems, reduced lung-functioning, and premature deaths in many urban environments. It is crucial to mitigate these challenges to ensure a city is not a life-shortening place to live.

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