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Deadman Rootball Anchor System


The Deadman Rootball Anchoring System provides stability for newly planted trees without the need for traditional tree staking. The system is particularly useful in situations where the planting site is under-passed with services or if the substrate layer is particularly stony and impenetrable for duckbill anchoring.

This underground rootball anchoring system incorporates three galvanised steel anchoring cables with eyelets that can be looped around a heavy object such as a concrete kerb or similar. These are positioned at the base of the planting pit and provide the anchorage for the root ball. The ratchet tensioned strap is then passed through the three cable eyelets and wrapped around the root ball and tightened with the ratchet strainer. This secures the root ball firmly and safely in the planting pit eliminating the need for traditional and unsightly timber stakes.


  • Ideal for urban plantations 


  • Easy, fast and reliable fixing of the plant by the root ball

  • Maximum support: high security shackle, galvanized steel cable,

  • Specialized strap

  • 2 kits available depending on the plant’s height and circumference

Kit comprises of:

  • 3x Galvanised steel cables apx 1m long with eyelets at either end

  • 1x ratchet tensioned strap

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