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Eco Jute Biodegradable Ground Cover


Eco Jute is a non-woven jute fibre net designed to stabilize soils against erosion prior to planting.

The properties of Jute make it the most natural, affordable and practical means to control the soil and prevent run-off on slopped areas. The biodegradable ground cover must be laid on a clean and worked surface. Certain weeds can pierce through the biodegradable ground cover:  Bindweed – Couch grass – Rumex.



  • Slopes

  • Embankments

  • Sports grounds

  • Golf courses

  • Sand dune stabilization

  • Drainage ditches

  • Hydro seeding

  • Stream bank stabilization

  • Extreme erosion areas


  • 100% biodegradable over a period of 18-24 months

  • Natural material 90% jute and 10% hemp

  • Permeable and environmental

  • Protects the soil surface from water and wind erosion

  • Accelerates vegetative development

  • Promotes growth of plant species, grass and ground cover

Roll size: 2 metres wide by 20 linear metes = 50 square metres

Thickness: 8mm

Surface mass:  800gr/sqm

jute example AU2.jpg
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