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Pro-grow with added Seaweed Topsoil Mix


Topsoil with added seaweed.

Seaweed has many trace elements (micro nutrients) that are essential to plant growth, and for flowering plants too.

It is a bio-activator, it increases soil microbial life,

The Landscape Depot has added Seaweed to our pro-gro  topsoil mix.

Our pro-grow mix conforms to the British BS standard for topsoil and Landscape Depot Urban Ireland are the only soil providers in Ireland that meet this standard.

Pro-grow is the perfect blend of screened topsoil, soil enricher and horticultural sand which are essential for your plants, flowers and vegetables.

Our mix is 65% topsoil,  30% Certified Organic compost, 5% horticultural sand with added seaweed.  For specific requirements please seek our advise on the mix that best suits your project.

Our topsoil comes in MAXI bags which hold approx. 1 tonne

Pro-grow Topsoil mix with Seaweed is suitable for growing flowers, plants, shrub and trees and vegetables.


  • Vegetable growing

  • Beds and borders

  • Tree planting

  • Shrub planting

  • Container growing


  • 65% topsoil,  30% Certified Organic compost, 5% horticultural sand & added seaweed.

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