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Gravel Stabilization Grid


Made from  100% recycled polypropylene, these Gravel stabilization grids measure 1.6metres x1.2metres, giving a surface area of 1.92sq metres, making these the largest grids currently available on the market and therefore quicker to install.

The hexagonal cells are 30mm deep and up to 45mm wide allowing for a wide range of chipping sizes up to 15mm.

Easy to cut and easy to install. With a compression resistance of 300 ton per square metre when filled.

The grids are fitted with a tough water permeable weed membrane to the underside ensuring no weeds can come up through the grids from underneath.

Suitable for light domestic traffic, walkways and pathways.



  • Pathways

  • Pedestrian areas

  • Suitable for cars, cyclists, wheelchairs, pushchairs


  • Weed-resistant

  • The high-quality weed control membrane (45 g/m2) protects against weed growth from the underside

  • Large surface area

  • With a surface area of 1.92 m2, the gravel grids are currently the largest single-piece gravel grids available on the market!

  • Quick to install

  • Simple to cut to size and easy to lay out

  • Water permeable

  • The gravel grids and the weed control membrane have excellent water permeability properties

  • Larger gravel grids

  • The large diameter of the cells makes the gravel grid suitable for larger gravel and chipping sizes up to 15mm

  • Easy to recycle

  • The weed control membrane and the gravel grid are made of polypropylene plastic, making the gravel grid easy to recycle

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