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GreenWall 50 Stainless Steel Wire Trellis S


Green walls bring life and colour to otherwise dull and drab walls and exterior facades. The benefits are not only aesthetic where the ever-changing colours in foliage and flowers are clear to see but significantly environmental too. The added greenery creates a noise buffer, improves air quality, and reduces CO2.  as well as adding micro-habitats for biodiversity.

A stainless-steel wire trellis system featuring a wall fixing bracket with 50mm diameter Base plate and 50mm long carrying stem, 4mm stainless steel wire and stainless-steel wire tensioner.

The components can be used to create a wide range of trellis systems, with multiple design possibilities.

Distance from wall: 50mm

Maximum distance between wall brackets: 3metres.

The components are sold individually

The stainless-steel wire is sold by the metre and can be supplied in any length up to 100 metres 



  • A stainless steel wire trellis system developed for smaller green facades and climbing plants.

  • Ideal for lighter twining and tendril vines such as Clematis and Jasmine

  • May be used to create a simple singular strand of plant support or in conjunction with other elements within the GreenWall range to achieve more complex designs featuring vertical, horizontal or diagonal training wires.

  • Installation of the system is simple and quick and creates a clean and stylish look

Use in Conjunction with:

  • GreenWall  stainless steel wire tensioner.

  • GreenWall 4mm stainless steel wire



A single vertical wire trellis will require:

  • 2 x GreenWall 50 fixing  bracket, (max 3m apart)

  • 2x GreenWall wire tensioners

  • 3 metres ( max ) of GreenWall 4mm stainless steel wire

GreenWall 50 support brackets
Single Strand.jpg
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