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Weld Mesh Tree Guards


Designed to protect trees from physical injury from vandalism or attack from hares, rabbits or other herbivores, these sturdy green PVC coated wire mesh tree guards will ensure years of protection in urban or domestic amenity settings.

Made from 2.4mm welded mesh and green PVC coated for aesthetics and long life.

The guard is supplied as a single piece and is conveniently cut along its length and pre-shaped for ease of transport and installation.

Simply wrap around the tree and affix to a timber stake.



  • Semi rigid wire mesh

  • PVC coated and weather protected

  • 2.4mm thickness..

  • Pre-shaped and easy to cut

  • Excellent protection of the trunk

  • Quick and easy to install.

  • Reusable, long-life span.

  • Simple to install

  • Height 185cm

  • Circumference 106cm

  • Wire thickness 2.4mm

Photo-Corsetto1 weld mesh tree guard.jpg
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