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Tree Base - Tree Trunk Guard


A clever PVC guard for the base of trees to protect them from injury from the likes of strimmers, lawn mowers and animals.

Very easy to use, they interlock on themselves to fit around the base of the tree.

Using the same interlocking tab, you can join multiple units together to go around any size tree at all.

Thanks to the Grill design the Tree Base provides sufficient air circulation, eliminating the risk of mould or fungi development due to truck constriction.


  • Semi rigid recycled PVC.

  • UV resistant and weather proofed.

  • 3mm thickness.

  • Ultra resistant to shocks, cuts, scrapes….

  • Adjustable diameter

  • Excellent protection of the trunk

  • Quick and easy to install.

  • Reusable, long-life span.

3 adjustable positions with one Tree Base

Diameter 56 mm

Diameter 80 mm

Diameter 105 mm

*multiple Tree Bases can be joined together to achieved larger diameters.

Material:  Recycled PVC

Height:  200 mm

Length:   340 mm

Colour:  Black

Tree base protection guard.png
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