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Green Roof Aluminium Edging



Aluminium edging designed specifically for use on green roofs.

This aluminium roof edging system can be used either as an edge restraint or to separate different materials. It features vertical slots that allows drainage across the roof which prevents water accumulation. It is simple and quick to install.


  • Green Roofs

  • Above car parks

  • Terraces



  • ·Vertical slits for lateral drainage

  • Aluminium alloy construction

  • Very durable 

  • Very resistant in extreme weather conditions

  • Flexible, lightweight and strong

  • Available in different heights

  • Completely concealed fixings and joiners

  • Easy to cut

  • Easy to install

  • Does not rust, rot or crack

  • Non toxic, non magnetic 

  • Non sparking

  • Environmentally friendly

  • 100% recyclable



Road edge Aluminium available


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